Intimate Inglewood

Unless you shy away from social media (in which case you are likely not even reading this), you would have seen a fairly big announcement for Calgary. As proud Calgarian’s it was exciting to read, but we can only imagine how proud the residents of Inglewood were.   It was made official on Nov. 7 that Inglewood was named Canada’s Greatest Neighbourhood. (click here to learn more)

We may not live in Inglewood but that doesn’t discount our love for this sometimes weird and always charming place. In addition to its unique personalty, is its authentic character, as a photographic backdrop.  Inglewood never disappoints when we bring our couples there, and whenever we get a chance, we go back, thanks to the inspiration it provides.

Recently we spent a couple of hours there with Amy & Justin strolling the streets and climbing the fire escapes.  We think it is a perfect representation of how beautiful this neighbourhood is.  Add a little love to the mix and you simply need to let the photographic magic happen.

Congrats Inglewood!