One love, two souls, Three Hills.

There is something special about a small town.  Deep rooted communities, where everyone knows your name and there’s no need to lock your car.  A blissful innocence in stark contrast to the concrete jungle.

This had never been more evident too us then when we first met Sherry & Jesse.  Young love doesn’t get any cuter than these two, and they had the story to back it up. Not many life long couples can claim they were also childhood friends, but for these two, that was just the case.  Growing up on the same cul-de-sac in Three Hills their journey went from neighbourhood games to the commitment of a lifetime.  

We were lucky enough to photograph their big day and through our lenses we were able to watch the beginning of what we know will be something special. Congrats Sherry & Jesse, a lifetime of happiness awaits.

PS. We couldn’t help but take them back to the place where it all began for a little stroll down memory lane.