A point of pride.

We've had the privilege of photographing so many beautiful couples. Each time focused on capturing their emotions and their unique relationship in a way that is authentic to them. In the pursuit to see things differently, we began to see one thing clearly - love is love.

This summer we checked something off our photographic bucket list. We longed to photograph a same sex wedding and John and Jamieson (aka J2) finally gave us our chance. To be honest, we were nervous. You get comfortable falling back on what you know and this was a new challenge, and change always feels risky. 

When their big day came, instantly we knew we were in for something special. Sometimes, and without expectation, we come across people and moments where our cameras feel like feathers and there is a spring in our step, inspired by the raw emotion that we see through our cameras viewfinders. This day, was just like that. It flew by, and in the end, we were better because of it. After all, love is love and if others could see this, then perhaps they'd be better because of it too.