One thing is clear.

We all know how unpredictable the weather may be in our beautiful province.  And when it comes to weddings, we all wish we had a magic wand that could stop the rain or part the clouds. On a foggy day in April, it was those very powers we wish we had so we could help Keely, Les and their guests get the view of the mountains they dreamed of for their Canmore wedding day.

Under a blanket of grey, something special happened. We were all reminded of a beautifully unique feeling that happens at weddings… that realization that nothing else matters.  We all stress and toil to get every tiny detail into place for weddings.  Sure, the details can be important, but we are reminded more often then not, that what people remember most, is not the décor or the location, but rather the emotional connection they feel when witnessing two people they love make it official.

So next time, when the rain doesn’t stop, or the clouds don’t part, remember that one thing is clear… the only thing that matters is love.