Falling in love is a surprise.

And sometimes the wedding is too! …and in this case, it was family!

Recently Leslie’s parents hosted what was thought to be a simple engagement party at their family home for their son and his beautiful Thai fiancé Apple. With this being her first trip to Canada, the stage was set for a long overdue get together, where friends and family could officially welcome Apple.

With their traditional Thai ceremony scheduled for June, all the guests were excited to share their congratulations and love, knowing that many would not be able to make the long trek to Thailand for the actual event. In the end, it was Chris & Apple who shocked the crowd as they treated everyone to a private, beautiful and VERY impromptu wedding. The highlight, for many was being part of a special Thai tradition, in which each guest tied a string onto the wrist of both Chris & Apple that had been previously blessed in Thailand by 500 Buddhist monks. Fortunately, there are not many places we go without our cameras.  So while juggling the kids and loosing Les to the role of maid of honour, I was able to scramble and capture a few very special moments for the lucky couple… and in this case, us as well!

Congratulations you two! We can’t wait to see you in Thailand.